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Sheriff Matt BostromWelcome

Sheriff Bostrom is setting the bar high when it comes to fulfilling the department’s statutory mandates, adhering to core values, and exceeding the community's expectations.

“I am encouraged when I evaluate our current projects. We are aggressively working to improve the communication between every law enforcement agency in the county through technological advancements, and laying the foundation for a national movement in character-based hiring.”

As the chair of the Criminal Justice Coordinating Council, Sheriff Bostrom is also collaborating with county-wide criminal justice leaders, so that justice can be provided for all.

“As an example, we will be able to provide criminal justice leaders with real-time data and information through a ‘criminal justice dashboard.’ The data displayed as part of this dashboard will allow us to better manage our jail, reduce the number of warrants, measure the effectiveness of interventions, and increase the efficiency of the overall criminal justice process.”



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2014 Campaign Kick-Off (pdf)
Thursday, January 30, 2014 at 5 pm
Faces Mears Park


Learn about Sheriff Bostrom's Results & Accomplishments and how he is providing justice for all in Ramsey County.